Masterclasses & Events


SEO Made Simple

17 Nov 2022

Do you want to learn the basics of all things search engine optimisation (aka SEO) from one of Australia's SEO Masters? Of course, you do!

Driving profit for your product-based business

3 Nov 2022

Suzanne is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to build and grow a successful business, focusing on profit first.

Get the best results from influencer marketing

27 Oct 2022

It will be a full hour of lots of nuggets of information that can take your business to the next level!

Money mindset: pricing & charging right

20 Oct 2022

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to have the confidence to start charging what you are worth.

Social Media Masterclass

13 Oct 2022

We pin down Maria, founder of Beige Social, who specialises in helping conscious brands build strong, engaged and supportive community.

Generative Magic to Grow your Business

7 Oct 2022

In this Masterclass, Dan Van de Velde will share how she applies ancient esoteric principles and practices to modern business for growth and success.

How to use Canva and not ruin your branding

22 Sep 2022

Anna Seefeldt, the founder and brand strategist at Pink Pineapple, teaches us how to build and develop a successful brand with Canva.

How to kill it in online sales

15 Sep 2022

Anaita Sarkar is going to share strategies that grew her business and enabled her husband to leave his job and join her in running her business.

Digital Advertising & The Future

8 Sep 2022

Is Performance Marketing dead? Jasmine, one of Australia’s leading performance marketers, answers these questions and puts those pesky rumours to bed.

How to speak with confidence and inspire the world

2 Sep 2022

You'll walk away from this Masterclass with great new strategies for sharing your story with the world.

How To Hire Your First Virtual Assistant (VA)

25 Aug 2022

Do you need to hire extra help in your business? Are you considering hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)? What do VAs do for entrepreneurs and small biz?

How to use LinkedIn like a pro

17 Aug 2022

Do you want to generate more leads from LinkedIn? Join Elizabeth Taylor from Digital Direction to learn the benefits and challenges of LinkedIn.

How To Attract And Retain Amazing Staff

4 Aug 2022

Our three panellists will give us inside tips on how to hire and retain staff, when to outsource and when to hire.

Making Small Business Finance Sexy

22 Jul 2022

Our panellists Jan Young, Nicole Denholder and Rachel Hind will throw down everything you need to know about your business finance.

Building A Cult Status Brand From Ground Up

14 Jul 2022

Josh Howard of Single Use Ain't Sexy is going to share how he grew his business from zero to hero using community building and LinkedIn strategies.

The Energy Reset Masterclass

23 Jun 2022

Wellness coach Elika Tasker will share the four pillars needed for mind and body health to ensure you have the energy you need as an entrepreneur.

Web3 for Impact

9 Jun 2022

You've heard about Crypto, Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse... but what does it all mean? What about the environmental impact of it all?

How to turn good ideas into brilliant ones

26 May 2022

Come to this session with Tim Duggan to learn how to identify and generate your own ideas with big potential, and then how to bring them to life.

How to bring big business thinking into your small business

12 May 2022

Are you an entrepreneur thinking about scaling your business? Learn more about what big business skills you can bring to your small business.

The secret to doing your own PR

27 Apr 2022

Join us at this one-hour power session with the incredibly smart and talented duo of Odette Barry and Lynda Williams.

Make the most of your marketing even with a small budget

20 Apr 2022

Some of the best campaigns have had limited budgets, so what made them successful? Join Mia Fileman for tips on creating smarter marketing campaigns.

How enneagram can help you thrive in difficult times

30 Mar 2022

Enneagram helps undo our ego structures, which defense mechanisms keep us trapped in, it’s a wonderful tool for cultivating awareness.

How to keep going when the going gets tough

23 Mar 2022

Running your own business can be a wild ride of highs and lows. Join Emery Fung for tips on staying positive when the results are not as expected.

Scale your business with the right tech & tools

9 Mar 2022

From sales automations, CRMs, to organisational dashboards, to operational systems, there is so much on offer and it's hard to work through.

Future of Consumption: Fireside chat with the Green Queen

23 Feb 2022

Join serial entrepreneur and eco activist Sonalie Figueriras for a fireside chat to get you future ready and thinking ahead of the game.

How to build a business that the world needs

9 Feb 2022

Join our panel discussion and hear from our industry leaders about how they built their business success while also working for change.

Beat burnout: How to stay motivated & cope with stress

19 Jan 2022

When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s all on you. Join Coco Alexandra for a session on how to deal with stress when you are a business owner.