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What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a digital and IRL community group that powerfully propels members through their entrepreneurial journey. We are an inclusive community of women and men who lift each other up, support each other, and bring the value of networking and community to our businesses.

We started in Hong Kong and Singapore and we are founded and led by the team behind Honeycombers, Asia’s go-to lifestyle media platform.

How does the membership help me with my business?

So many ways!

  • We believe finding a community of like-minded entrepreneurs is a surefire way of propelling your business forward. (We know, it has really helped us personally!)
  • Our weekly Lift Off calls provide you with an opportunity to meet others, promote your business, seek feedback from peers, and get advice on your challenges. This is the best and easiest way to find your community and make long-lasting connections.
  • We provide small group mentoring each week, along with our weekly peer group mentoring session at our Lift Off call. In these calls you can come with a problem and we will help you find the solution.
  • You can attend our Masterclasses for free, where you will learn new skills and also meet new experts who can help you in your business.
  • You also have access to hours of Masterclass recordings - so you can level up your skills in a particular area by watching a Masterclass in the specific area you are focused on.
  • We feature you in the Member Directory, so other members can find you and your business, which helps with lead generation.
  • You can find a business expert and get a free 20-minute one-on-one session with them through our Expert Directory.
  • If you are an expert in your field, you can join the Expert Directory and make new connections, generate leads and expand your network by providing free introductory calls.
  • You can ask questions from us or the community through our closed Facebook group – which is a great way to get feedback or advice on any specific needs. (You can also test ideas here!)
  • You can meet other members through networking roulette or through any of our events, which will help you find your business besties who can help hold you accountable, help lift you up, and help support you through your business journey.
  • You can request to do an Instagram live interview with us, which will again increase your business exposure, enabling you to find more customers or clients.
  • You can ask the group for advice or feedback in our Show & Tell sessions in our Lift Off calls on Mondays.
  • You can email our team with a question anytime!

How do I sign up?

You will need to choose between a monthly or annual membership payment plan. We recommend an annual membership so you can get a discount, but it's totally up to you.

Then you will receive an e-mail to set up your password. Logging in to the site will let you have free access to our Masterclasses and events.

You will also receive a welcome message with a link to book your on-boarding call which is an important part of your membership experience. In this call, you will learn more about the membership and how to get the most out of it, and connect with our Community Manager and with other members of the community.

Finally, if you purchase a Media Membership, you will receive interview questions for our “How I Get It Done” feature on you that will be profiled on our media platform Honeycombers. You need to complete this series of questions and send in 2-3 images so we can complete this interview feature. Which BTW is awesome for brand awareness, building brand trust and authority and SEO backlinks!

How do your events run?

We run some events over Zoom and some in person (or as we like to say IRL). As a member you get free access to almost everything!

Can I attend events if I am not a member?

There are some masterclasses that are open to the public (so prospective members can check out what we offer), but these usually have an attendance fee if you are not a subscribed member.

What is the difference between a Singapore and Hong Kong Membership?

A Singapore membership gives you access to all digital events, plus access to Singapore IRL events, as well as an interview feature on Honeycombers Singapore or HoneyKids Asia.

A Hong Kong membership gives you access to all digital events, plus access to Hong Kong IRL events, as well as an interview feature on Honeycombers Hong Kong.

Who is part of the community?

Our members are women and men who are solo founders, co-founders and senior leaders who believe that business can be used as a force for good. We are creatives, entrepreneurs, consultants, advisors and we all believe in the power of community.

We champion the brave and believe that together as a supportive community, we can all be stronger and more successful.

I am not a business owner, can I join the community?

Yes! We are a warm and inclusive community. We invite anyone who wants to level up their network, feel supported, and support others.

Do you offer coaching?

We support our members through our weekly small group peer mentoring, where you can request to join the mentoring call with our Founder, Chris Edwards, and Community Manager, Megha Singh.

We also offer an Expert Directory where you can reach out to our experts and get a free 20-minute coaching call. After which, you may wish to engage one of these experts and coaches, which you can do independently. Our role is to support, guide and connect you.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes you can.

If you are on an annual subscription, you can cancel at any time but you will have access to the membership for the rest of your prepaid membership, and at the end of the period your access will be removed.

We really hope that we will be delivering value for your membership and if you feel like this is not the case, please book a call with us and we will work hard to change this. Also we love feedback, so if there's any at all, we'd love to hear from you.

Do you offer ‘In Real Life’ (IRL) events?

Yes! We believe that connection is even better IRL!

Got more questions?

Just drop us an email at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!

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